I have always desired to stream my linux desktop to my DLNA Smart TV. This might not be very interesting for you, since lots of people today own a laptop with HDMI output which could be easily moved relatively close to your TV. However, if you are like me, and own an old desktop which […]

Serviio is a DLNA media server developed in Java. It has different profiles that match most CE devices from many vendors (Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, …). I use it to stream movies from my PC to my Samsung Smart TV (D Series). Within the many features of Serviio, I would like to emphasise the ones I love most: Allows to “stream” […]

Nowadays, I don’t use my personal desktop computer so much. However, when I use it, I expect it to be fast, reliable, secure, … and specially productive. Summarizing, it has to work well. For this reason, I am not that kind of users that really want to be updated to the “latest greatest” OS version Linux distribution […]

In order to build a package from its sources, you need to enable the sources repositories in your distribution. In Linux Mint, with Synaptic installed, you can do it quite easily. Start Synaptic Authenticate yourself (for administration purposes) Menu –> Settings –> Repositories Enable source code repositories (see screenshot) After enabling the source repositories, we […]